joel + andi ENGAGED!!
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Andi met Joel about three years ago when he came to SDSU to help with the “Vote Yes on 6” campaign – I’m pretty sure the reason she volunteered as much as she did was partly to help with the campaign and partly to get to know Joel. After the elections were over and “Yes on 6” was defeated – Andi and Joel were not. He moved to South Dakota and they have been dating ever since.

Andi and Joel are big fans of the Food Network and would spend many nights at the Newman Center watching episodes together while doing homework. One night, Andi had gotten settled in front of the tv, and waited for Joel to arrive. Little did she know he was already there and had made a surprise batch of cookies for her. He brought them in to her, she turned around and not only were there cookies, but also an engagement ring!! And a note that said “will you marry me?” and check boxes for ‘yes,’ ‘no’ and ‘maybe.’ Of course she said yes – how could you not say yes to an engagement AND a plate full of cookies?! :-)









Andi + Joel – thanks for meeting me at the park! I hope you enjoy your photos – I look forward to your wedding this August! :-)