94. find a hobby other than photography… CHECK!!
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I have always been crafty. But only recently have I realized how much I enjoy making things by hand.

Being in 4-H taught me that making something myself is a whole lot more rewarding than spending money for something made in (probably) China. So I learned how to sew, crochet, photograph and create! Of course, when I was in 4-H, making a project was such a chore and it didn’t feel very rewarding to have to sew myself a skirt or have to make my own candles.

But apparently something stuck with me. I always find myself saying “I could make that” when I’m out shopping or browsing online. I have made my own newborn props, throw pillows, and most recently a handful of colorful necklaces!


undefinedNext on my crafting to-do list is a whole bunch of things I have tagged on my Pinterest page.