83. blog two times a week for three months… CHECK!!
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Actually, I’ve been blogging at least twice a week since May (almost nine months, but who’s counting?). But why would I blog a completed goal when I was on such a roll?! (No more rhymes now, I mean it! Anybody want a peanut?)

I added “blog two times a week for three months” to my 101 in 1,001 goal list because I thought it was impossible to come up with things to write about that often. I wanted to challenge myself. More than that, I wanted to be trustworthy in having fresh, new images and stories to share.

Not only did I want to share peoples’ photos as soon as possible, I wanted to keep record of my love for lists, love notes, chocolate and my nephews so that I won’t ever forget.

From May until now I have been busy with photographing weddings and newborns and it is so easy to blog at least twice a week. But now, I’m running out of interesting-ness. (See? I’m nose-deep in paperwork and taxes and planning for next year that my words aren’t making any sense.) I’m feeling very blah. But that’s why I set this goal in the first place. To force myself to see the brighter things in life, the things worth sharing.

For example, the weather here is going to be beautiful this week. Except for Tuesday.

p.s. Don’t hate me because Rapid City has wonderful weather. Come visit and enjoy it with me!! :-)