48. find a tree topper… CHECK!!
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Looking through my 101 in 1,001 list, I realized I have accomplished more than I thought I had this year. They just happened.

Two years ago, I had a vision of how I wanted to be living my life and running my business. I wrote down 101 things that I wanted to accomplish in 1,001 days. Now, my life and business have grown into that vision I created two years ago, and goals are being completed left and right! I had just forgotten what a ‘big deal’ these goals were to me two years ago!

This year, my mom saved Christmas – and helped me check another goal – by finding me a brown metal tree topper! I know this isn’t a huge life event or anything that will impact my business, but I’m excited that my tree finally looks ‘finished.’

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas weekend!! And enjoy this unseasonably warm South Dakota weather!! :-)