46. take a self portrait with every couple at their wedding… IN PROGRESS!!
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Since I didn’t have a wedding this past weekend, I thought I’d show you my progress with taking self-portraits with each of my clients at their weddings!

Warning: before you see these photos keep in mind that I obviously fail at making myself look good at weddings. My main focus that day is making my couples look great, and I’m just… well… you’ll see.

5.21.2010 Richard + Erika

Why do I have two chins? Isn’t that rule #1 in portrait photography? Hide those extra chins!!

5.29.2010 Dave + Kendra

They are gorgeous. And in focus. Me? Not so much.

6.5.2010 Brian + Barb

Dear humidity, please leave my hair alone from now on. Kthanks.

For my next progress post for this particular goal, I promise to try and make myself look better in comparison to my beautiful couples. :-)