joe + victoria ENGAGED!! Custer State Park photographer
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Joe + Victoria live in New York City, so for their engagement photos, they wanted to be surrounded by nature and animals, two things that are hard to come by in their daily lives. We had so much fun feeding a kind, gentle burro and trying to decipher the prairie dogs calls. What a beautiful, beautiful evening in Custer State Park!

Joe + Victoria – I absolutely can not wait for your wedding this winter! I’ve already ordered a lovely snowfall with reasonable temperatures for your day. ;-)

doug + heather MARRIED!! Sylvan Lake wedding photographer
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Doug and Heather had a mid-week destination wedding at Sylvan Lake in the Black Hills and it was SUCH a beautiful day to get married! Something you really can’t plan when you schedule an outdoor wedding over a year in advance! While I love early morning and late evening light the best, Sylvan Lake really does shine under a bright blue sky!!

My good friend Mary from Your Joyful Wedding performed the ceremony, adding an extra level of special. The way she tailors a wedding ceremony to each and every couple she works with is so beautiful – it’s as though she’s known the couple for years! 

I usually save these kinds of photos for the annual ‘best of MOMENTS’ roundup at the beginning of each year, but this little guy wanting snuggles from his daddy is just too cute not to share twice! :-)

Can I just say how much I LOVED Heather’s two-piece wedding gown? The beaded bodice was gorgeous, but that flowing skirt had me oohing and aahing all afternoon!!


Doug + Heather, thank you so so much for having me photograph your wedding! Doug, I hope your hunting trip went well, and Heather, I hope you had a nice relaxing time to yourself! ;-)

jason + gena MARRIED!! Black Hills elopement
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Jason + Gena escaped to the Black Hills to get married with their closest relatives in attendance, and it was the most perfectly imperfect day. Their flowers got left behind, but someone fashioned a bouquet from Safeway flowers at the last minute. It rained on and off, but we all managed to stay dry. Deer and turkeys tried to photobomb, and you were more than happy to share your spotlight!

Jason + Gena – what a pleasure to work with you on your wedding day! I loved your small, intimate, laid-back wedding. I could have kept you all evening until the sun set! I hope you had a wonderful dinner with your family, and a fun reception back home! :-)

dale + shelley MARRIED!! Rapid City elopement photographer
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Every single small wedding I’m invited to photograph, I fall more and more in love with them! Dale + Shelley had an intimate wedding ceremony with just their parents and children at the Vertex on top of the Hotel Alex Johnson, followed by dinner and drinks. How special to have that time together to dine and celebrate with your closest loved ones!

Dale + Shelley welcomed everyone as the arrived at the Vertex, and helped put corsages + boutonnieres on. I love this moment between Shelley and her dad – everyone else was waiting outside, and they took the time to soak up this moment with each other before walking out to her groom! :-)

Dale + Shelley – thanks for inviting me to witness the beginning of your marriage! It was such a beautiful afternoon, and I loved watching your family catch up and enjoy the time spent together. I hope you will treasure these photos! :-)

laura loves… august edition
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Milo is rolling and scooting and army crawling. He sits up, but can’t yet sit himself up.

Elodie is expanding her vocabulary every day. Cake, cow, book, home, house, work, and says “I” instead of “me.” When she thinks, she looks up and says ‘hmmm’ or ‘umm’ and then answers with either a slow ‘nope’ or a matter-of-fact ‘yep.’ Sometimes when I tell her ‘no’ she says ‘hey’ real slowly and softly, as if I should reconsider my decision. When Lance comes home she whispers “oh, hide hide” and runs to hide in her fort, under her blanket, or if she can’t get anywhere fast enough, she simply covers her eyes with her hands.

Milo and Elodie are all of a sudden best friends. While cooking dinner the other night, I had Milo in the play pen in the next room, and Elodie went to keep him entertained and all I could hear was two giggling children!