laura loves… february edition
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February was great this year, mainly because our family went to Kauai to celebrate my parents’ 40th anniversary!

2016 feb favorites

We enjoyed checking out several local shops, coffee houses, scenic drives, and beaches. Basically, we tried to blend in with the locals (but our pale skin and my giant camera clearly gave us away). :-)

Elodie LOVED the beach, and if it hadn’t been for the amount of sand she consumed plus the extensive clean-up involved, we would have taken her every day. She was always the first to point out any birds around, and when I asked if she saw the waves in the ocean, she would wave.

She traveled so well, we are already thinking of where we should go next! What’s your favorite vacation destination?

aubrey + mary ENGAGED!! Black Hills engagement photography
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It only took a year of motherhood for me to realize that morning’s aren’t all that bad, and that sunrises are pretty darn beautiful. So when Aubrey + Mary agreed to meet me at sunrise for their engagement session, I was thrilled to see a familiar location in a brand new way. And even more thrilled to hang out with Aubrey + Mary for a little bit. Obviously. These two are so sweet and SO in love and only have a few months left until their wedding day!!!

rapid city sunrise engagement 01

rapid city sunrise engagement 02

rapid city sunrise engagement 03

rapid city sunrise engagement 04

rapid city sunrise engagement 05

rapid city sunrise engagement 06

rapid city sunrise engagement 07

rapid city sunrise engagement 08

rapid city sunrise engagement 09

Aubrey + Mary – thanks again for meeting me at dawn for photos!! I can’t wait for your wedding day – May can’t get here soon enough!! :-)

laura loves… january edition
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Turns out, delaying this blog post doesn’t change the fact that our daughter has turned one.

As much as I try to hang on to all those special moments each month (and week and day), our baby is still growing and well on her way to toddlerhood. But that just means that now there are more fun moments to cherish – like eating cake! :-)

SY4A0234-EditThis month, she has unlocked the expert level of peek-a-boo: using her skirt/shirt/hands to hide her face. Who needs a blanket? Not this girl! But she will use her blanket to play peek-a-boo first thing the morning before I pick her up out of her crib, as well as the last thing at night before I turn the light off.

We’re working on animal sounds, but so far she’s only mastered the pig’s snort. She also knows a few body parts, and will show us her ears, tummy, toes, and tongue when asked. Waves and kisses are getting her lots of smiles and attention at church – apparently she isn’t as shy as her mommy was!

She definitely knows what ‘no’ means, she just chooses to do what she wants anyway. For example, she will shake her head ‘no’ as she crawls towards our shoes or puts something in her mouth that she knows she shouldn’t. It’s so cute, and I’m learning the whole ‘scolding instead of smiling’ trick is hard work!