laura loves… december edition
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He’s here, he’s finally here! Early December 4th, little Milo made us a family of four and we are all so in love with him.dec2016favorites

Other things I’m loving this month:

Assorted chocolates and all the treats that appear around the holidays.

Also: mom jeans. Between having a baby and all the Christmas goodies, my tummy needs all the help it can get! ;-)

I hope you all had a safe and wonderful Christmas and may your 2017 be full of great new memories.

laura loves… november edition
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Remember that time when I told you there would be a ‘new favorite’ this month? Well, little one decided we needed to practice our patience some more. So instead of celebrating a new baby, we celebrated my 30th birthday and ten years of goofiness together. TEN YEARS!! A third of my life!!november16favorites

bobby + lindsay MARRIED!! Custer State Park wedding photography
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studio-lb-custer-state-park-wedding-photographer-00Unexpectedly warm weather and a welcoming herd of buffalo – Bobby + Lindsay’s Custer State Park wedding was definitely one for the record books!





studio-lb-custer-state-park-wedding-photographer-06Bobby + Lindsay planned for plenty of portrait time before their ceremony, which came in handy when these friendly buffalo had their own schedule for the day.


Did you know that these two are professional snugglers? It’s true. #theymakemyworklookgood ;-)studio-lb-custer-state-park-wedding-photographer-10
studio-lb-custer-state-park-wedding-photographer-11Bobby + Lindsay walked up the aisle together, and *this* is their reaction as soon as they arrived at their ‘to be married’ destination. SO MANY SMILES!!


The moment right after the first kiss is another favorite of mine – can’t you just feel the excitement?! They’re MARRIED!!!!! :-D

A few more ‘just married’ photos to let all that excitement sink in…studio-lb-custer-state-park-wedding-photographer-16





Bobby + Lindsay – I don’t even know how to thank you for trusting me with photographing your wedding (while eight months pregnant), but I’m so thankful that you did, because it was a FANTASTIC DAY!!! The laughs, the lighting, the buffalo, the singular tree with leaves still on it, your contagious love + excitement… all of it was perfect and I enjoyed every single minute of it!! I hope you enjoy these sneak peek photos – you’ll have your full gallery soon!!studio-lb-custer-state-park-wedding-photographer-22

laura loves… october edition
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It’s official – Custer State Park is our new backyard!!
catronmaternity2016_trioWe all love our new home for so many reasons… Lance’s nearly non-existent commute to work, the wildlife outside our (gigantic) windows, the fireplace, and the fact that we can say we live in Custer State Park. How cool is that?!

We are on the ‘home stretch’ for meeting baby number two! And it’s literally a stretch – I forgot how quickly they grow in that last month, pushing against my ribs, looking for more space. We are so excited to meet this little one, but at the same time I’m feeling all the emotions about this small window of just ‘mommy and Elodie’ time left.

See you next month when we have another new ‘favorite!’

travis + cherie ENGAGED!! custer state park engagement photography
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I LOVE that Custer State Park is my new backyard, and that my couples are willing to travel to and explore this beautiful area! Travis + Cherie, thanks so much for the fun times and big smiles – you make this little part of the park look goooood!! :-)studio-lb-custer-wedding-photographer-01