laura loves… december edition
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You guys – December is over. 2014 is OVER!!! And what a great/wonderful/blessed year it’s been. Especially this past month, snuggling up under warm blankets in between decorating for Christmas and getting things ready for baby’s arrival in January.

laura loves december 2014 edition1. The number one thing I’ve been enjoying this month? A healthy pregnancy!! It’s been an amazing journey so far and we are so excited to meet our little one. Only a couple weeks left!! A friend of mine asked what I’m most excited for when baby arrives – I immediately answered “taking her picture!!” However, the more I think about it, what I’m really looking forward to is watching her grow, learn, and seeing how her personality develops (I hope she thinks we’re funny). And snuggles. I can’t wait for baby snuggles!!

2. Christmas season – We decided to stay home for Christmas this year (not wanting to be too far from a hospital just in case), and while we missed our families greatly, we very much enjoyed a quiet evening and an early bedtime. (We really are excited to be parents, just soaking up the last few moments of pre-baby married life :-))

Also, can I give a shout-out to flickering LED candles with timers?? They make our house look so cozy in the evening!

Happy New Year to you all – may your days be filled with wonderful moments and lots of love!

dan + megan ENGAGED!! Rapid City engagement photography
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I looooove getting to photograph couples who have known each other for a long time. I can only imagine how much they’ve been through together, especially when living and going to college in separate states. (Long distance is tough!!) But having been together for a number of years, they’re naturally good at snuggling, plus they know exactly how to make each other laugh – which works out great for me! :-D

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rapid city engagement photographer studio lb 10Dan + Megan – Thanks so much for inviting me to document this exciting time of your lives! I had a wonderful time meeting you and am SO looking forward to seeing you again (when the weather will be much, much warmer)!

laura loves… november edition
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November brought me to the end of my 2014 wedding season, but it also started the official ‘chill with family and get ready for baby’ season – which is totally what I’ve been loving this month! :-)

laura loves november 20141. Baby quilt. I spent a few days with my parents earlier in the month so that mom and I could make a baby quilt together. I think it turned out great!! p.s. Have I mentioned IT’S A GIRL?! However, my nephews will tell you there’s still a 5% chance it’s a boy. :-)

2. Wedding-ing. My husband’s sister got married in Minnesota, and we had wonderful time seeing his family plus getting to know the new in-laws.

3. Christgiving. The last week in November brought us back to Rosholt to celebrate Thanksgiving/my birthday/Christmas. We took some family photos for the Christmas card, and then Lance wanted some goofy photos with the nephews. He’s going to be such a great and fun dad – I can’t wait! (side note: I love that Isaac is giving himself ‘ears’)

4. Snuggles with the nephews. I love how reading a book still gets the boys’ attention and makes them scooch as close to me as possible.

I hope you are enjoying all the little moments during this holiday season!