ryan + heather ENGAGED!! rapid city engagement photography
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Ryan + Heather are the definition of fun. Since the day they first met, they’ve been doing things out of their comfort zone and have been SO rewarded with the outcome! Heather was prompted by a friend to give Ryan her phone number almost immediately after meeting him, which she doesn’t normally do. Ryan called her despite knowing almost nothing about her, which he doesn’t normally do. And they have been nearly inseparable for just about two years!!

Which leads us to their engagement session this weekend. I had them giving eskimo kisses, laying in the grass at the park, and snuggling in public. Which is something they don’t normally do. And look how good they made it all look!!!! :-)

 Ryan + Heather – the countdown is on!!! Right? Hopefully your internet is finally switched over now so you can check… ;-) I hope you have a fun and wonderful engagement and I can’t wait to celebrate your wedding with you next summer!!!

sean class of 2013
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I have had so much fun spending time with high school seniors lately – talking about summer jobs, future plans, and all the excitement of leaving home and being on your own. Sean has big plans and he is excited to work hard for them. In just the couple hours I spent with him, I can tell he will do great things and I am excited to see what life brings him. :-)

 Sean – have fun and enjoy your senior year!! I had a great time meeting and photographing you!

hannah class of 2013
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Let me just start by saying… I love this girl. She has helped me at a handful of weddings over the past few summers, and now that she’s starting her final year of high school, I finally had an excuse to photograph her beautiful face!! She laughs at all my jokes and she can make any pose I throw at her completely adorable just by being her. I wish I could photograph her every week. :-)

 Oh, and we also like try out new locations… and find hidden gems like this here and there. :-)

 And despite having a dog pee on her shoes, she still giggles like a sweetheart just for a great photo. Such a trooper!! :-)

 Round two: straight hair and more new locations!! Yay!!

 Hannah – thank you SO much for having fun with me and trying out all these new locations!! We’ve had lots of memorable adventures and I can’t wait for more to come!! :-)

laura loves… august edition
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It has been another wonderfully busy month, but some of my favorite things have been the simplest things. Funny how that works. :-)

1. Playing outside with my nephew, Jonas. We played ‘that one hiding and guessing game’ for a looong time one afternoon, and every time we went outside after that, guess what he wanted to play? He would hide behind the boards of his playground tower and I would guess “What could possibly be so fast and sneaky and stripe-y and hairy? A cheetah? No, cheetah’s don’t have stripes. A snake? No, snakes don’t have hair. Hmm, what could it be?” I had to start making up imaginary animals!!

2. Snuggling with my nephew, Isaac. We are two peas in a pod – neither of us like being woken up from a nap, but both of us love to snuggle!! :-)

3. Coffea date with my bride, Terra, and bff, Jill. Oh, how I miss you beautiful girls!!

4. Fruit snacks. I’m trying my best to eat healthier, and my favorite snack is fresh fruit. Sprinkled with just a bit of Truvia. Or sometimes blended with some POM juice. Yummm.

anthony + brittany ENGAGED!! sioux falls engagement photography
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Hello, everybody! I’d like to introduce you to Anthony, Brittany and Tate – they are going to be celebrating a wedding next summer!!

 Tate would have rather been playing ball than taking pictures…

… but we had fun searching for alligators in the nearby river and monkeys in my camera. We have wonderful imaginations. :-)

But soon it was time for little Tate’s date with Grandma. So Anthony, Brittany and I kept exploring. And finding great spots for some some fun and beautiful images!! :-)

 Anthony, Brittany & Tate – I can’t wait to celebrate with you next June!! :-)