kris + ashley ENGAGED!! black hills engagement photography
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Words cannot describe how THRILLED I am to be Kris + Ashley’s wedding photographer this September! They are such fun, wonderful people and all they want is to get married! :-) And all I want is to photograph them :-D

scott + sarah MARRIED!! blue bell lodge, custer state park wedding
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Scott and Sarah had the most perfect, intimate, detail-filled, laid-back wedding and I was so excited to be a part of it!! We started with a quick little first look before walking over to the ceremony site at Blue Bell Lodge in Custer State Park.

Waiting at the ceremony were goody bags filled with water, tissues and a little fold-up fan. Sarah’s mother made these wonderful little bells with Scott & Sarah’s names, their wedding date, and CSP scenery – trees and buffalo. :-) They were a perfect way to ‘ring in’ the new couple! :-D

I love that Scott walked Sarah to the ceremony – they even shared a little kiss on their way over! :-)

Scott + Sarah had arranged for the park’s Jeeps to take everyone around the park – and to find the buffalo…

… which we totally did find!!

A little more portrait time before dinner – yay for being married!! :-)

I could have made a blog post just with all the fun little details at their reception (birdhouses, fabric napkins, chocolate-covered sunflower nuts, pinecones, a tin lunchbox, the list goes on…), but my FAVORITE was their ‘guest tree’ – so fun and so cute!

I also had a lot of fun with the rings – so many fun details to take photos of!!

ceremony + reception + caterer | Custer State Park ResortBlue Bell Lodge

wedding gown | David’s Bridal

groom’s suit | Halberstadt’s

hair + flowers + cake + decorations | themselves!!

Scott + Sarah – Thank you SO much for including me in your big day!! I am so excited for you and I hope there are fewer than normal forest fires this summer so you can spend lots more time together. ;-)

patrick + kimberly MARRIED!! destination wedding photography
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Being Patrick and Kimberly’s photographer for their destination wedding was such a treat! The Inn at Whittier was a perfect location – scenic, secluded and so so beautiful. But what made the weekend even more enjoyable were Pat & Kim’s wonderful personalities and welcoming families.

With destination weddings, it’s common that I never meet the couple until the weekend of the wedding. Lucky for me, Pat & Kim were naturals in front of the camera. Their love and excitement was just so apparent, it was impossible to get anything but great images – which actually made it harder to narrow down my favorites for the blog!! :-)

Patrick + Kimberly chose to have a first look, which gave us a lot of time for all kinds of photos, but it didn’t take away any excitement of meeting each other at the end of the aisle. Patrick’s expression while watching Kimberly and her brother walk down the spiral staircase was so priceless!!

Whittier is a town known for it’s tunnels – you can’t get to the town by land without going through a 2.5 mile one-way tunnel – and only on the half-hour can you get in!!

Everyone who lives in Whittier lives in the same building. In the winter, this tunnel across town gives the residents no excuse to skip work!! We had fun exploring. :-)

Pat + Kim – I can’t say enough how great it was to meet you and what an honor it was to be your wedding photographer!! I had SUCH a wonderful time in Alaska!! I hope you two have a wonderful honeymoon and enjoy your time together as much as you can before school starts again!! And please, call me next time you’re in Rapid! :-)

My friends Adam and Josh from AJ Production Company also made the trip to be their videographers. I love working with them because they see things so beautifully and get just as excited about weddings and great lighting as I do!! :-) Check out their highlight reel for more Alaskan wedding wonderful-ness!!

laura loves… june edition
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My summer is typically full of sun, fun, weddings and editing. :-) This summer is also my final few months of my own wedding planning and my 101 in 1,001 goal list I created back in 2010!!

1. New website and logo coming soon!!!!! That’s right – studio lb is growing up and getting a new look!! It’s been in the works for a few months now and we are finally approaching an official launch!!! I can’t wait for you to see it!!

2. Kelly Moore Bag – I recently switched from the Brown Classic to the Muted Teal B-Hobo bag, and I love the color and size of it! While I’m shooting, it carries four additional lenses (including the ginormous 70-200 lens) and has pockets for my phone, keys, wallet and memory cards. Everything I need for an engagement session!

3. My 101 in 1,001 list – I thought I had been neglecting it for quite a while. I didn’t even remember when the end date was!! So I looked it up the other day and I had completed several goals without even realizing it!! Looking back, there are some I’d like to re-write, but the ones I’ve been able to check off are: 1. Gather vendor list from each couple and feature their work. 2. Visit an outlet mall with Jill. 19. Get a wedding featured in a magazine. 25. Update marketing/branding materials. 68. Sew a dress for myself. 80. Look into getting a Showit site. 91. Make an address box. 97. Visit Ben and Robin other than for Jonas’s birhtday.

4. My nephews – I only got to see them for an hour while I was in Rosholt for my bridal shower, but it was so worth it!! Jonas (the older of the two) leapt into my arms when we arrived, and when we were leaving he kept asking, “Do you want to come home with us?” Broke my heart when I told him I had to go back to my home instead.

joe + becky ENGAGED!! rapid city engagement photography
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Joe and Becky are totally the cool kids I wish I could be. They do all the fun things I only dream of doing – like going to concerts and seeing Conan O’Brien and taking annual vacations together. I’m just so lucky that people like Joe + Becky want me to take photos because I just love getting to know their stories – especially how they met and fell in love. :-)

These two are so great at focusing on the good and laughing at the bad. On their first date, they saw a really terrible movie – but the rest of the date was really great and it started a wonderful relationship. When Joe wanted to propose to Becky at this one certain super-secluded spot, there was an onlooker. He proposed anyway and now it’s just a funny part of the story. It doesn’t matter if things happen perfectly or not for these two, they’re just happy to be living life together.

Joe + Becky – thank you so much for choosing me as your wedding photographer!! I have loved hearing all of your stories with funny twists, and I can’t wait to be there for the next part of your story!! September can’t come soon enough! :-)