mike + emily ENGAGED!! sioux falls engagement photography
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Mike + Emily are one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever met. It’s obvious how in love they are. Photographing them was such a treat, and I can’t wait for their wedding next year!!

They met in the dorms at SDSU when Mike was helping a friend move in. He didn’t know he would meet a new friend – one that he would spend the rest of his life with. They dated through college and talked about marriage – but it wouldn’t be until Emily graduated – and dreamed about their futures together.

Just a few days after Emily’s college graduation, Mike had a present for her. One that he had been hiding for a few months in the box spring under his mattress. Her birthday was the perfect opportunity for the special gift he was giving. A beautiful jewelry box with an even more beautiful and important piece of jewelry inside. A ring to symbolize the rest of their life together. :-)

Mike + Emily – you are such a wonderful couple, both inside and out! I had a great evening with you this weekend in Sioux Falls and you can believe I’ll be counting down the weekends until your wedding in Iowa!! :-)

darin + michelle ENGAGED!! south dakota engagement photography
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They’ve been together for five years. They’ve talked about getting married. They’ve known they’ll spend the rest of their forevers together.

On one special ice cream date this spring, Darin handed Michelle hers with some special ‘icing’ on top, and without looking, Michelle started stirring. “What, I always stir my ice cream before I eat it!!” Michelle interrupts the story. Darin asks her how it is. If there’s anything special about this ice cream. She hits a hard piece of metal with her spoon, thinking her spoon is broken she pulls it out and the spoon is just fine. Darin isn’t as concerned about the hard chunk in her ice cream as she is. So she digs some more to find the (unintentionally) hidden treasure and Darin asks the question he’s been waiting so long (and now, even longer) to ask.

 And so it’s official – they’ll be tying the knot this November!!

It was so great seeing you guys the other night! I can’t wait for November!!

ryan + sarah MARRIED!! rapid city wedding photography
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Ryan + Sarah met while volunteering for an event at the Humane Society, and from that day on they realized their lives would be so much better together. They both spend a lot of time on computers at work, so in their free time they love doing anything outdoors. A few months ago, they took a trip to Palisades State Park – a trip that marked the beginning of the rest of their lives.

Since awesome scenery is their favorite, what better place to get married than the Black Hills?? :-)

They chose the gazebo at Canyon Lake Resort to exchange their vows:

Mr. and Mrs.!!!

You guys could SO be models for a magazine… and you thought you wouldn’t be good at taking pictures. ;-)

This seems to always be one of my favorite shots of the day!

Ryan + Sarah – CONGRATS!!! It was such an honor to be part of your wedding – I hope you had a wonderful rest of the weekend in the hills!


laura loves… august edition
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The back-to-school sales have started and Christmas decor has taken over Hobby Lobby, but I’m still enjoying every moment of summer I can get my hands on!! Here are a few things I’ve been enjoying this month!

1. Angostura Recreation Area – In my opinion, this is the best beach in South Dakota!

2. Splash Bombs – way better than the water toys in the dollar section of Target…

3. the first scoop of peanut butter – It’s one of my favorite parts about living by myself. :-)

4. NoiseTrade – I’ve gotten lots of music from here by Jenny & Tyler, and now Ben Rector and Steve Moakler have albums available for free downloads! Just type in your email address and zip code and they’ll email you the link to download your free zip file. Ta da!!

ignoring my to-do list
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Running your own business is like a never-ending to-do list. Lucky for me, I love lists and crossing things off when I’ve accomplished something. But it’s also difficult for me to know when it’s okay to take a break and not think about what I should to add to my list.

So yesterday I told myself I NEEDED to relax, give my eyes a rest from the computer, and get myself some new tan lines. I went outside, I turned on my iPod and I had the pool all to myself… for about 15 minutes before this older guy with a big belly sat across the pool from me, rubbed sunscreen all over his body, then laid on his belly and pulled up his swim shorts to tan the backs of his thighs.

And that, my friends, what I get for taking a break from work and ignoring my to-do list. White, old man thighs.