john + rachel ENGAGED!! rapid city wedding photographer
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I love getting to know couples during their engagement session – it allows me to see a glimpse of their personalities and how truly in love they are. From John and Rachel’s session on Saturday, this is what I learned:

They love to run, hike and dig in the dirt (he’s a geophysicist, she’s a paleontologist).

The dinosaurs at Dinosaur Park are not the most accurate depictions of the ‘real deals.’ (Believe me, Rachel taught me all about how the T-Rex’s tail does NOT drag on the ground. :-))

Despite the historically incorrect figures, Dinosaur Park in Rapid City is where John and Rachel got engaged, making it the perfect location for a few engagement photos! :-)

As we’re walking down the hill, I stop for a couple more photos and Rachel announced that this was the very spot where John proposed.

Can I get a collective “awwwww?!”

I don’t know if it was my jokes, or how special John makes her feel, but Rachel was full of giggles and I LOVED it! :-)

A quick outfit/scenery change – don’t these two look great in anything and everything?!

Rachel – I was serious about your boots – they are sooo cute! It’s probably dangerous that we wear the same size shoe.

And last but not least… the ring!

John + Rachel – thanks so much for braving the ‘Indiana winter’ weather.

Also, a special shout-out to Shangri La: The Hideaway Boutique for the adorable outfits Rachel was wearing!

54. re-learn how to crochet… CHECK!!
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My mom taught me to crochet when I was just starting high school. I don’t know what made me want to learn, but as soon as I did, I was unstoppable. I made scarves for every single one of my friends. I made up my own patterns. I sketched designs of scarves I imagined but didn’t want to forget by the time I finished my current project.

I always wanted to create different projects, you know, other than just a lot of repeating rows, but I got frustrated with the mitten pattern and making a sweater didn’t seem all that appealing to me, so I stuck with scarves. Until now. I saw some really adorable baby photos over on Tim Will‘s blog done by Gray Benko and thought “hmm, I bet I could crochet some baby props.” And by golly I did. The great thing about baby props is that they’re so teeny-tiny! I love projects that are teeny-tiny! :-)

*note* I did not crochet the bowl or the box. Those are from Target. :-)

This teal yarn is a project that is in progress, but I just had to share it anyway.

Now I’m just waiting for my brides to deliver those babies!!! To my knowledge, four of my 2010 couples are expecting. From my 2009 weddings, five have babies and one is due soon. Also, my bank teller is due any day now and I gave her my business card so we’ll see if she calls. :-)

83. blog two times a week for three months… CHECK!!
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Actually, I’ve been blogging at least twice a week since May (almost nine months, but who’s counting?). But why would I blog a completed goal when I was on such a roll?! (No more rhymes now, I mean it! Anybody want a peanut?)

I added “blog two times a week for three months” to my 101 in 1,001 goal list because I thought it was impossible to come up with things to write about that often. I wanted to challenge myself. More than that, I wanted to be trustworthy in having fresh, new images and stories to share.

Not only did I want to share peoples’ photos as soon as possible, I wanted to keep record of my love for lists, love notes, chocolate and my nephews so that I won’t ever forget.

From May until now I have been busy with photographing weddings and newborns and it is so easy to blog at least twice a week. But now, I’m running out of interesting-ness. (See? I’m nose-deep in paperwork and taxes and planning for next year that my words aren’t making any sense.) I’m feeling very blah. But that’s why I set this goal in the first place. To force myself to see the brighter things in life, the things worth sharing.

For example, the weather here is going to be beautiful this week. Except for Tuesday.

p.s. Don’t hate me because Rapid City has wonderful weather. Come visit and enjoy it with me!! :-)

spray tanning
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I was recently asked what I thought about brides/grooms getting a spray tan for their wedding, so I thought I’d use this opportunity for another wedding tip to share! I think it’s definitely a healthier alternative than tanning beds.¬†However, it probably isn’t wise get your very first spray tan the day before the wedding.

(click on the image to see Ross from Friends and his spray tan experience)

Okay, so hopefully you’ll know better than to count Mississippilesly. :-)

But seriously, I think that if you’re going to get a spray tan for your wedding, definitely do a trial run a month or two before the wedding. Find out how your skin reacts to it and how long the tan takes to fade. Hopefully you’ll be able to schedule the tan early in the week before your wedding. In case something does go wrong, or you feel you’re too dark/unnatural right after the spray tan, you’ll have a few days for it to wear off (on regular clothes instead of your wedding attire).

50. go on a hike… CHECK!!
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Lance and I were going to head over to Devil’s Tower this weekend since it was free entrance for National Parks. However, the cold, windy, rainy/snowy weather kept us in Rapid City.

And since we were staying in town, we ended up spending the rest of my Mostly Chocolates gift card. :-)

Even though I didn’t get to hike around Devil’s Tower this weekend, I did go on a hike with Lance recently (okay two months ago) near the Flatirons by Boulder, Colorado. See? Proof! :-) Thanks, Pete and Andrea for being our wonderful tour guides and hosts for that weekend!