ryan + krystal MARRIED!!
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I am so amazed by my couples… when things don’t go absolutely perfectly, they laugh it off and keep smiling! Two of Krystal’s three brothers also got married this summer – one in July, one in August, then Krystal in September… Krystal warned me that her mom’s funeral would be in October. Thankfully at the end of the night, everyone looked healthy and very much alive. But maybe just because they are DONE with weddings for the year! :-)

Back to the beginning of the day, I found Krystal getting ready at the Buffalo Ridge Resort in Gary, SD. I loved loved LOVED her dress and shoes!!!

You know how most dresses have fake buttons with a zipper up the back? Yeah, well Krystal’s dress had ACTUAL buttons. Win for Krystal.

Hooray for first looks!!

Krystal’s bridesmaids were so much fun – they couldn’t get enough time in front of the camera! :-)

The guys rocked it for the camera, too!

Krystal got to have a second first look – with her father. How sweet is that!?!

Ryan + Krystal had SO many friends and family attend their wedding, they had to get a bigger reception site!! Off to Ghent, MN we went and ohmygoodness it was BEAUTIFUL!! So many fun details!

They even had little take-out-style boxes to fill up at the candy bar.

If you’re a fan of studio lb on facebook, you saw this sneak peek image last night.

Thanks, Ryan + Krystal for having me as your photographer!! It was a BEAUTIFUL day and everything looked GREAT!! Have a great time relaxing and being done with wedding stuff, well, until your third brother finds someone to marry. ;-)

kelly + katie + cambria + BABY!!
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Cambria is the cutest little almost-three-year-old girl you will ever meet!! And soon she will have a little sister who, I’m sure, will be equally as adorable!!

In this photo, Cambria reminds me a lot of myself when I was her age. I didn’t smile for the camera until I was in kindergarden.

Kelly + Katie – thanks so much for meeting me downtown the other night! It’s so much fun watching Cambria grow up and I’m so excited to meet your new baby girl!!

isaac is baptized + jonas is three!!
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This past weekend was my last free weekend until mid-October and I spent it with my family, celebrating my nephew Isaac’s baptism and Jonas’s third birthday!

Since I know Grandma is probably setting up camp next to the computer tonight, waiting for these photos…

Getting baptized!!


Isaac is already a month old!!

And Jonas is THREE!!!

And five minutes later he is DONE taking pictures.

I’m going to go ahead and assume that he LOVED his present from Aunt Laura:

But after everything was opened, it was his brand new train set that got the most attention. And not just from Jonas… dad and grandpa were playing with it, too! :-)

alan + paige ENAGED!!
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Paige loves shoes, photography, and Alan (in no particular order) so it really was a no-brainer that I would do their wedding because I love shoes, photography, and Paige (in no particular order)!! I have known Paige since high school – we used to cheer together against each other. Then in college we lived across the road from each other and then we started having monthly coffee dates.

This is when I really found out about Paige’s love for Alan. And shoes. And my photography. :-) Alan and Paige have been dating since 2006 and he proposed at the lake where Paige spent her summers growing up.

Fast-forward a year and I finally get to meet Alan! He is such a caring, funny and loving guy. And I mean that in the most masculine way possible. ;-) I give him my stamp of approval to marry my friend!

Aren’t my friends GORGEOUS?!

Alan loves Paige so much, he buys her SHOES!!! (wait until you see the wedding ones!!!)

And he loves her so much he buys her this. Which I, in turn, put it on the ground just to make a cool photo. This is why Paige loves us both. :-)

Who loves marble staircases? Scratch that. Who DOESN’T love marble staircases?

Bonus points for Paige for picking out this spot. Told you she’s the best!

Alan + Paige enjoy your last 364 days of being engaged!!!

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I have known Jacob’s mom for a few years now, and when she found out that I did photography AND would be around to do his senior photos, it was decided right then and there that I would take them. Jake and his parents came over Monday after school and we did a quick session (because guys always take pictures faster than girls, it’s a scientific fact).