john + tiffany ENGAGED!!
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I met John + Tiffany for the first time last night and I already can’t wait for their fall wedding in Wahpeton!! Tiffany is from Fairmount, so we reminisced about growing up in teeny-tiny towns and I had to explain to her all my relatives so she could take notes to bring back to her dad. :-)

John + Tiffany met a couple years ago at Tiffany’s son’s birthday party. John brought his son to the party, Tiffany’s mom gave her a little nudge, and as they say, ‘the rest is history!’ Now, in a few months these little guys are going to go from being best buds to brothers!! :-) John also has two girls who I got to hear lots of stories about (don’t worry, girls, nothing embarrassing! :-)) I can’t wait to meet the whole family in October!

I love smiley photos, but I also appreciate a rockin’ serious look and these two nailed it!! :-)

Another image worth all the mosquito bites:

Again, rockin’ the serious look:

john + tiffany SNEAK PEEK!!!!!
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I’m going to let you in on a super sneaky sneak peek tonight!! My FAVORITE photo from John + Tiffany’s engagement session tonight. I’m surprised you can’t see more mosquitos flying around in this photo… I’m still itching from all the bug bites I got. But correct me if I’m wrong… it was TOTALLY worth it for this shot:

p.s. I normally post sneak peeks over on my facebook page, but SOME people don’t have facebook. *ahem* :-)

nathan + emily ENGAGED!!
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I have known Emily since fifth grade and she is still the cutest. thing. ever!! She and Nathan have been together for three and a half years now and are planning their wedding for October. Last night was the first time I met Nathan and it was so much fun to watch them interact and love on each other! :-) We walked all around her grandparents’ farm taking photos, and after we were done we went inside for some dessert (grandma always has good dessert) and spent the rest of the evening catching up and reminiscing. It’s more fun now to catch up with Nathan there because then we get to hear both sides of the story. ;-)

This next photo is sooooo THEM!!

This is Emily’s old playhouse at grandma + grandpa’s! Who knew she would be getting kisses from her fiance in front of it twenty years later?! :-)

Nathan + Emily – thanks so much for making the trip down last night. I hope all is well now with your car!! If I have any trouble on my way up for the wedding, I know who to call (not Emily)!! ;-)

bryce + brittany ENGAGED!!
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Bryce and Brittany are the luckiest people in the world – and they are not afraid to tell you!! :-) They love each other so much – they couldn’t stand living long-distance anymore, he proposed after dating for 8 months and they are planning a wedding for July!!

I was first contacted by Brittany back in February and I FINALLY got to meet her and Bryce on Saturday at his parents’ farm in Minnesota. I usually like to be a little early for first-time, far-away sessions. You know, just in case I have car trouble, or my gps tells me to turn the wrong way… :-) This time I was embarrassingly early. Like an hour and fifteen minutes early. Darn time zone change!! I vow to never let this happen to me again! Bryce and Brittany were troopers and got there as soon as they could and I got time to scope out the farm and find a few spots away from the crazy-wicked wind!

Can anyone guess what kind of green this is?? :-)

Bryce + Brittany – It was SO great to finally meet you! And thanks for not making me paste Brad + Angelina over your faces! ;-)

richard + erika MARRIED!!
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I have been looking forward to this day all winter long – the day wedding season starts!! Also known as my summer weight-lifting program (camera bags are heavy)! :-) Richard + Erika set the bar high for this season and I am SO excited to share their beautiful Brookings wedding with you!! They got married at St. Thomas More and their reception was at the Old Sanctuary and everything was decorated soooo well!! The weather was perfect, the ceremony was a tear-jerker, and now Richard and Erika are finally MARRIED!!

I showed up and all the girls were with Erika helping her get ready and oohing and ahhing over her hair, her makeup, her dress, her glow, the sparkle in her eyes!!

Erika with her sister and mom – aren’t their smiles just so contagious?! :-)

One last look in the mirror before seeing Richard for their first look!!

Richard’s dad helping straighten his tie… “Drawdy men always look good.”

And this is why I LOVE first looks!!!!!!!! Could Richard be any more excited?!!

And then there’s the uncontrollable hugging….

… and kissing …

… and more hugging …

… and I simply adore how Richard can’t keep his eyes off Erika!!

By choosing to see each other before the ceremony, we got lots of time for photos of just the two of them!!

If you’re a fan of studio lb on facebook, you’ve seen this one:

Not a dry eye in the church…

Final blessing:

mr. + mrs. drawdy!!

What did I tell you? AMAZING details!!

the end. :-)

Richard + Erika, I hope you’re having an awesome time at the Twins game and enjoy the rest of your honeymoon!! It is so rewarding for me to photograph couples who are so in love, and you two are what every couple should aspire to be. I know these next tidbits are borrowed from Kalina and Becka, but keep doing all you do together, and keep loving each other more and more each day! You guys are so amazing and I feel so blessed to have been a part of your wedding!! Just the way you two look at each other makes my heart melt!