36. pour a rosetta latte… CHECK!
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I still think it’s a little lop-sided, but considering I only have a couple weeks left at the coffee shop, this might be the best it will ever get:


Today at work I made the best rosetta ever.

Well, not EVER. Just in my personal drink-pouring history. :-)

Thank you, Sheila, for ordering a breve latte and allowing me to pour this:

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She had been to the coffee shop before – I remembered her name. She asked if I played volleyball because she was looking for someone to play with or go antiquing with. I told her I would go antiquing, but I’m not very agile on the volleyball court.

We made dates, we rescheduled dates, we cancelled dates and FINALLY, on Friday, we had ice cream. And it was fabulous.

And then I made her model for me so I could try out my new lens. And practice with an old one. Isn’t she cute?

p.s. I’ve decided I LOVE backlighting.

The first three are with my 16-35mm lens.

And the next three are with my new 85mm lens!!

40. finish all seven seasons of 'gilmore girls'… CHECK!
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It all started ten months ago when I was staying at my cousin’s apartment in Aberdeen after a friend’s wedding. I had just finished watching all ten seasons of Friends and I didn’t know what I was going to do with all my spare time!! Becky lent the first two seasons of Gilmore Girls to me to get started, and I’ve been hooked ever since! After I finished the first two seasons, I signed up for netflix and waited oh-so patiently in-between sending disks back and forth. Eventually I upgraded to the two-dvds-at-a-time subscription instead of only one. This made my goal go a LOT faster, and thus, leading to Thursday.

I had only four episodes left. Once I started the first, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to stop. There was so much I just had to find out and I couldn’t wait until Friday morning to finish!! Was Rory going to get accepted at the New York Times? What would happen with Logan? Could Lorelai and Luke ever be friends again?

I won’t spoil the ending for you here on my blog in case you are in the middle of watching this fabulous TV series. Even though it’s been off the air for a few years. I was part-way through season six when a girl at the coffee shop found out I was watching it and said “Oh. My. Gosh!! I still can’t believe ________ left ______ for _______!!! I’m still so mad at ___!!!” My jaw dropped. “WHAT?!!” “Oh, you haven’t gotten that far? Sorry!”

Any recommendations for new tv shows to watch? I’m pretty good at following The Office online. I’ve heard How I Met Your Mother is another one to get into. What do YOU think I should start watching next??

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I love love LOVE taking photos of my friends!!! Halley is graduating from college soon and she needed an updated headshot for all her job applications. I told her I would take them, but ONLY if we did some fun ones, too! :-)

Halley – Thanks for being so awesome to take photos of!! And thanks for the ice cream! And thanks for your great Walgreens story! ;-)

dave + melissa ENGAGED!!
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Another couple getting married this summer – Dave + Melissa will be tying the knot in Mitchell this July!! They met in college at a dance, and although Melissa was a bit hesitant at first Dave kept pursuing her and look where it got them!! :-)

Congrats on your engagement, you two! I can’t wait to see you again in just a few months!