top ten favorites of 2009
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You might know that I love to take photos. You also might know that I love to make lists (more list-making to come…I’m making a 101 in 1,001 list). Today’s list is my top ten favorite images from 2009. With commentary. Enjoy!

10. Eric + Jen – my first referred wedding of 2009. They got my name from a friend of a friend and they. Were. Wonderful! And quite photogenic, might I add. :-)

9. Joel + Andi are just simply adorable (and now expecting a baby, who I’m sure will also be adorable!!). When they showed up for photos and Joel was wearing a t-shirt with a penguin holding a martini, I was worried. I thought “Oh no, he doesn’t care about photos!!” Then later I realized that what is most important to them is their relationship, and that is what really shines through in this image – not the t-shirt he’s wearing. :-)

8. Simplicity. ‘Nuff said.

7. This wasn’t even one of my weddings, I was just second shooting with my friend Samantha, but I LOVE beauty mixed with grunge.

6. Chris + Amy – the phrase “Live, love, laugh” comes to mind whenever I think of them.

5. Jael + Brian – seriously, could anyone have picked a better time/location to get married?

4. Sarah and her dad, before they walked down the aisle, shared the sweetest looks.

3. Jeff + Bethany – I still can’t believe how awesome the weather was for their November 14th wedding…

2. Bill + Jacqueline – There was not one single bad photo from their portraits – they definitely knew how to rock it!

1. Josh + Tammy – my very first outdoor wedding. Priceless.

Thanks to all my wonderful clients – you made my dream of becoming a wedding photographer come true because you had faith in me. This was my first summer being a full-time, self-employed wedding photographer and I loved every minute of it! I pray that all of you are enjoying your first few months of marriage (sorry, Chris + Amy, you have to wait until June to enjoy married life) and that 2010 treats you well!!


merry christmas, part two
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South Dakota was closed for Christmas this year.

We left early to beat the storm, but one of Lance’s sisters couldn’t and so the group family photos were postponed until the roads re-opened and she arrived safely Sunday night.

Fish faces!!

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As Neil Diamond once said, “Thank the Lord for the night time.” And that is exactly what Schuyler and I did tonight – we squeezed in a fun photo session where we played with some awesome night-time lighting. Schuyler is moving to CA in a few days and all of us at the coffee shop are going to miss him terribly. Enjoy the photos!!

merry christmas, part one
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You might be tired of seeing photos of my nephew… but I’m not!! This past weekend we had an early Christmas at my parents’ house. This was my first trip home since I have moved to Rapid (over three months ago!) and it was great to sleep in my old room, see neighbors and relatives, and eat LOTS of good food. :-)

My favorite part of this weekend was putting Jonas down for naps. He loves to snuggle. And he is just so darn cute when he’s sleeping!!

jonas sleep 1

jonas sleep 2

christmas time is near…
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I finally bought myself my very own Christmas tree!! Don’t hate me because it’s fake. It was only $25!!! Sadly the decorations cost way more than the tree itself. But I needed something bigger than my mini tree – it didn’t quite fill out my living room like a Christmas tree should. :-)

I saw this ornament at Target and instantly my thoughts changed from ‘it would be nice to have a bigger tree to decorate,’ to ‘I NEED A BIGGER CHRISTMAS TREE SO I CAN BUY THESE ORNAMENTS!!’ Funny how a $2 item can cause me to spend $50+!!

tree 01

The tree in it’s entirety…yes, those are glitter-covered balls. I don’t know what I was thinking.

I. Hate. Glitter.

And how it attaches itself to everything and you’re finding it in the strangest places days after you’ve even touched the ornament itself.

tree 02

The mini tree that now resides in my bedroom:

tree 03

tree 04