20. take photos of my parents… CHECK!!
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As far as I’m concerned, no one reads my blog except for my mom. And Jill. And Halley. When anyone else says “Oh, I saw your latest photos on your blog, that looked like a lot of fun!!” I think “No way, you’re lying. No one reads that except for my mom.” Google Analytics says I had 854 visits this past month, but I think they just want me to think I’m popular, when really, it’s just my mom checking in 25 times a day.

So I should have known that she’d be checking my blog, waiting for me to post these photos. “Laura, I keep looking on your blog for new photos and there’s STILL nothing!” Mom. Work on your subtlety. Please.

I should tell you that my mom has lost some weight (yay for healthy diets that work!!). And she’s wearing my jeans for these photos.

That’s right.


Apparently my parents can’t take good-looking photos seriously. Allow me to provide the commentary for the next few photos:

Dad: Can you tell that I’m driving? Are my hands okay?

Me: Yes, dad. It looks like you’re driving straight into a row of trees without looking. Just smile at mom.

Mom: Can you tell if the car is running?

Me: No one is going to look at the dash, I promise. Just smile at dad.

Me: Okay, now lean in for a kiss.

Dad: Oh, should I have given her a little tongue for that one?

Me: seriously. grossed. out.

Their hot ride:

Mom’s skinny legs!!!