16. photograph a destination wedding… CHECK!!
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I love photographing the same venues more than once. I love to see how different couples use their talents and personalities to take a room and make it their own.

I REALLY love photographing new venues because it’s such a creative challenge for me. Quick – find the best light possible. Quick – find several good locations, with the best light possible. Quick – make the bride and groom look absolutely amazing in said good location with great lighting.


I love photographing nearby weddings because I don’t have to drive far to return home at the end of the day.

I REALLY love photographing destination weddings because I get to work in new locations AND take a 1-day vacation before I return home.

undefined Thanks again to Matt + Gladys for having me at their wonderful St. Louis wedding. And for officially making studio lb a destination wedding photographer. :-)

Now, I just need to find someone who wants me to photograph their tropical beach wedding. :-D