101 in 1,001
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I like to be organized. I make a lot of lists. Before I actually made my 101 goals in 1,001 days list, it was on my routine ‘to-do’ list.

I love it when I can physically cross something I’ve done off a list. Whether it be “finish my 101 in 1,001 list” or “buy milk.” I feel accomplished.

I first saw the 101 in 1,001 list on Melissa Jill‘s blog – for every goal she completed, she posted photos to show what she’d done. She actually inspired me so much, that part-way through making my own list I got stuck and borrowed some great ideas from her!

Please don’t be offended by the random-ness of my list. I wanted so badly to have a nice, well-organized list! They are not alternated artfully or arranged by importance or how much time they would take. Some goals are personal and some are for Studio LB.  Some are short-term goals, others are things I would like to have done before I turn 26. I was getting so excited to finish my list and start accomplishing goals, that I didn’t care about what order they were in – I just wanted to start crossing things off!!

My 101 goals in 1,001 days will be up on October 8th, 2012 – wish me luck!!

  1. Gather vendor list from each couple and feature their work
  2. Visit an outlet mall with Jill
  3. Implement surveys and gather client feedback at numerous points throughout the customer experience
  4. Develop workflow to design album two weeks after each wedding Completed 10/19/2010
  5. Send anniversary cards to clients
  6. Organize my office Completed 12/22/2010
  7. Make my bookshelf pretty Completed 12/31/2010
  8. Visit a state I have never been to
  9. Incorporate video on my website
  10. Read one book a month for three months to benefit my business Completed 7/23/2010
  11. Learn about SEO and make my website more searchable
  12. Perfect close-up ring shots
  13. Make it easier for people to contact me on my blog and website
  14. Decorate my apartment Completed 6/12/2010
  15. Second shoot a wedding for a Rapid City photographer
  16. Shoot a wedding outside of South Dakota/North Dakota/Minnesota
  17. Own a real sewing machine Completed 9/10/2010
  18. Try a new recipe once a week for a month
  19. Get a wedding featured in a magazine
  20. Take photos of my parents Completed 7/8/2010
  21. Take the ‘29 Gifts‘ challenge
  22. Add print grouping suggestions to pricelist
  23. Create yearly Studio LB wedding albums with photos from each wedding
  24. Implement wedding day tip sheets for clients
  25. Update marketing/branding materials
  26. Visit a national park
  27. Learn fashion photo lighting
  28. Attend One Light workshop
  29. Create more efficient workflow for backing up and editing images after each wedding/session
  30. Develop new filing system for receipts, mail, papers
  31. Keep track of receipts and record in a register
  32. Declare a weekly apartment cleaning day
  33. Fix a puzzle by myself Completed 2/20/2010
  34. Sort through t-shirts and save only top 10 favorites
  35. Watch a list of ‘classic’ movies from Mindy
  36. Pour a rosetta (or heart) latte Completed 4/25/2010
  37. Read a classic book
  38. Create a monthly newsletter
  39. Hold a contest for a free session for a deserving couple
  40. Finish all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls Completed 4/18/2010
  41. Shoot a roll of film in Dad’s old Nikon
  42. Get Lance to fly on a plane
  43. Purchase a fun point-and-shoot camera
  44. Add fullscreen slideshows to wedding sneak peek blog posts
  45. Backup my music collection
  46. Take a self portrait with every couple at their wedding
  47. Have a coffe date with Paige
  48. Find a brown metal angel Christmas tree topper
  49. Sort through Photographer magazines and keep (and organize) only the articles I need
  50. Go on a hike
  51. Organize Photoshop actions and brushes Completed 1/25/2010
  52. Take a photography road trip
  53. Learn how to tie a bowtie
  54. Re-learn how to crochet Completed 1/26/2011
  55. Learn how to knit
  56. Invest in a portable workstation Completed 11/17/2010
  57. Watch the sunrise/set over an ocean
  58. Create album layout templates
  59. Make a set of throw pillows for living room couches
  60. Create an efficient packaging station
  61. Have a matching living room set
  62. Babysit my nephew
  63. Visit my parents at least four times a year
  64. Get a new microwave
  65. Start sending out Christmas cards
  66. Learn how to play a song on the guitar
  67. Buy something antique Completed 2/16/10
  68. Sew a dress for myself
  69. Get fresh flowers for myself
  70. Make a piece of jewelry Completed 5/13/2010
  71. Go fishing
  72. Learn how to set up a photobooth for wedding receptions
  73. Get an Instax mini and shoot a whole roll of people I love
  74. Design a photo shoot, style it and shoot it
  75. Teach Lance about manual camera settings
  76. Shoot a gun Completed 2/21/2010
  77. Market newborn photography
  78. Stock up on brown sharpie markers. Completed 1/30/2010
  79. Be home for Christmas cookie baking day with mom, Paula and Netti
  80. Look into getting a ShowIt site + client sites
  81. Improve my handwriting
  82. Set up brush presets for commonly used Photoshop actions
  83. Blog two times a week for three months. Completed 1/24/2011
  84. Make and send birthday cards to family and friends
  85. Re finish/paint kitchen table
  86. Find a perfect fudge recipe
  87. Help mom make jam/jelly
  88. Clean out my room at home
  89. Learn how to drive a stick shift
  90. Take a dance class
  91. Make an address box
  92. Make cozies for portable workstation
  93. Start a collection
  94. Find a hobby other than photography
  95. Make use of my passport
  96. Make recipe book of my favorite recipes
  97. Visit Ben and Robin other than for Jonas’ birthday party
  98. Create an ispiration board for photos I’d like to re-create
  99. Create a referral bonus for couples
  100. Photograph five seniors a year for ‘fun’ Completed 10/8/2010
  101. Attend a workshop by Melissa Jill, Jasmine Star, or the Lyons Completed 11/22/2010